A Run Down Memory Lane


Ty and I


I’m not posting about a race or an awesome, cool place that I ran at.  I’m posting about some thoughts I had today, rather.  My High School team (Star Valley, WY) was passing through Provo on their way to California to go to an esteemed national cross country race.  They were stopping in Provo to do a shakeout run to mix up the long ride.  I thought it would be fun to run with them and chat with Ty Draney, my High School Coach.

We met up near BYU and ran along the river trail.  They were only running for about a half hour but that was enough time for me to go back down memory lane and remember when I was one of those kids, running just because, and not really knowing what was ahead.  Those kids were good at running, many of them are better than I was when I was in High School.  But I could tell many were running because they had to.  If nobody was pushing them to run or to try and be better, then they might not do it on their own.  I was no different, of course, when I was that age.  But now, many years later, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be able to run and to live near great running trails.  Running is so much more fulfilling for me now than when I was at their stage of life.

I talked with Ty for the duration of the run and then the team was on their way to Cali. I clicked the start button on my ol’ Timex running watch, and took off down the street to finish up my hour run.  I started reflecting while I was running alone (as I often do) and started thinking about things like how funny it was that even though my High School running days are far in the past, I can still pick up with Ty and talk about it as if it were yesterday, and even though a million things have happened in between then and now, there’s still some things that never change.

Looking back, I realize the people I have connected the best with have been other runners.  You could say maybe that’s because we have running in common, so we have something to talk about.  You could also say I grew up in a family of runners, I’ve been on a running team for the last ten years, and now I work at a running store, so the only people I associate with are runners.  Maybe those are right.  But I also kind of think that the people I have connected the best with have a very similar outlook on life, and have found running, or something similar to it, as a means of tackling life.  It’s a mentality sort of thing.

Ty and I also talked about the future: about the Olympic trials and ultra-running.  It helped me remember that life is what you make it.  That lesson has been thrown at me a lot in the past few years.  You can’t passively let life happen and hope that something amazing is going to come out of it, you have to make those changes and go after what you want.  You have to take the wheel.

Anyway, those are the thoughts I had swimming around my head for the rest of my run.  Afterwards, I hopped in my car and drove around until I found a Taco Bell.  For some reason, I was craving a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.  Mmmmm


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